Sunday, February 23, 2014

Every day vertical is a good one seize the day

The kid's came over for Sunday supper...spiral ham and all the fixins'.  What a joy to be able to cherish each and every moment we are able to share with one another. Sometimes just a little family get together with nothing really special happening other than grubbing...feeds the fire in my soul more than anything.
An on line discussion that I am currently involved in recently featured a wonderful post from a seller who talked about time.
You can never get it back. How do you ever place a value on time?
Impossible right?
I've been pretty sad since last night when I first heard the news and off and on..all day today thinking about an extended family member who suddenly passed away .  He was living a healthy vibrant life and had just taken his newest Grand baby on his first fishing trip yesterday and suddenly out of the blue.... he passed away.  No warning. Nothing. One minute he was here.  The next minute he is gone. And I don't know him that well but I do know some of his family members quite well and just knowing the pain they are going through and the pain his wife must be dealing with now. Sad. Words can not describe it. Losing someone is never easy.
When it happens so unexpectedly I can't imagine that it makes the situation any easier to deal with. And any time these situations hit close to home.... you just realize once again how precious each and every moment we have here really is.
I tell my customers at work on a daily basis...."Every day vertical is a good one"... and it is true.  Seize the day.  
I remember years ago a saying that said something like "Today is the first day of the rest of your life"  yep... and it could also be your last.
you can not place a price on it.
and you can never get it back.
Spend it wisely....or as wisely as you see fit at the time.
Peace ya'll.
Here's a couple of pics of my lil Sunday grubsters :)...

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