Thursday, February 13, 2014

#Zibbet where sometimes the truth is even worse than you suspected..the PoZZy Posse round-up

There's much to be said about negative energy...
but lately some positive things have happened as a result of the very negative actions of a select few.
And here's the thing......
the more spin they keep spinning just seems like it's starting to blow the top off of the hen house.
I know that there are always at least 3 sides to every story and I know that some of the Z Zealots are so far gone that they wouldn't know real if it smacked them in the forehead.....
that being said.... it is nice to see that some of them have woken up and realized that there were and are indeed some very strange things happening behind the scenes.
And I'm just gonna have to call B.S. to the theory that someone is spreading about how the person who recently got the apparent  "boot" was somehow provoked into acting the way she did.  It seems so obvious to many that this gal was so busy sniffin' around in everyone's business and telling them what to do and say... that the more she got away with....the bigger and bolder her britches became.... and she was encouraged from the head honcho there to continue acting the way she did.  They repeatedly condoned her actions.
Now.... long after they had plenty of time to do the right thing... the situation became very public.... and they scurried and scrambled and the private hidey hole membership seemed to lose a few people and finally after they thought the activity had been cleansed enough they took it public.  Problem was that someone forgot to erase the part where Andrew was calling members trolls and encouraging the private ones to bring "death" to certain conversations....very odd behavior most would think because  whenever  he puts on his "public" face.... he promotes robust conversations in those forums. What a crock of B.S. eh? Oh and the public formerly private group has now amazingly disappeared :=)
Then the story is that they are so busy they hadn't had time to address the situation.  (More B.S.)  They had in fact already addressed the situation and basically told the person who had clearly been bullied that she needed to avoid conversations that the other person was involved in and there would be no more problems.
That was what they had decided to do about it.  Nothing.  Nothing at all.  Only after it became so public did they decide to do something about it.  And this made several of the "positive peeps" a.k.a. "poZZy Posse "... kind of step back and really look at the situation and suddenly some of them realized that they no longer were comfortable being a part of that team.
Well no worries cuz now those private retreaty hidey hole teams have also vanished.  One made another B.S. excuse that they are gone because the team leader was kicked out of the Forums and that is why the groups they were leading is gone.  Nope.  Not the truth.  Yes in fact yet another lie from the spinners of Zoooook.
  Banned people who had started groups there still have groups that are showing in the community.
And back to that private hidey hole "reveal".  I have to say that when they briefly went public.... (even after so many of their members had bailed on out of was so clear and rather humorous as we watched the activity of them scurrying around busier than a cat trying to bury a turd on a frozen pond). But when they very briefly went public---some of the faces we saw were indeed ones that we had suspected of being there all along.  Yet some of the others who were/are a part of that group was quite shocking for me to see and honestly made me sad.  Yes indeed... sometimes the truth really is worse than what you expected.
And by the way.... don't they have "Spin Classes" for spinners?  Some of them certainly need to brush up on their skills....especially for the next time they think about brushing the wrong people off.
Have a great day ya'll!
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  1. Here's screen shots of Zibbet owner Andrew Gray referring to some of his customers as "Trolls" in his private, invitation-only Group that manipulated the forums to be "positive".

  2. thanks for adding that link AOT.....
    that's what I'd call some proof in the screen shot pudding ...