Wednesday, February 19, 2014

#Zibbet and about how sometimes they'll get on that right away

The topic came up awhile back about how the roster of Zibbet current sellers seems to have shops that have no items listed for sell.  We remembered that in one of those listing challenges how the gal always said that being counted as a seller meant that you had to have at least one active listing in your shop.  Some screen shots were posted where there indeed were shops in that "active list" with zero items for sale.  I have also believed for quite some time that there is a problem when listings never expire over at Zibbet.  I have felt that they should put a 3-4 month expiration on them.  They don't charge you to list items.... but the items could easily be "re-listed" when they expire and that would help prevent so many shops that seem to have sellers who left the building quite some time ago.  Perhaps they might consider this in the elusive rebuild.

My post today however is about something I notified Zibbet admins about back in 2011. I am going to X out the persons' name and shop name that I will be referring to here but there have been screen shots taken and if there are any questions at all I will be more than happy to provide the screen shot of the shop still showing active in 2014.
The following is a copy of my message....

From spankyluvsvintage2 To Lxxxxxxx Sent Oct 15, 2011 4:46am UTC Subject Hi Vxxxxx!
I just wanted to pass this on and not sure if it is really all that important but wanted to share it...
When I just logged into Zibbet...on the front page was a ring from

It is my understanding that she is deceased and it looks like no one in her family removed her listings here. The links provided do not work if you click on them.

I know it is a touchy subject but I remembered searching out one of her tutorials quite some time ago on the net and could not get a working link and then discovered the obituary.

Just would not want a new buyer to attempt to purchase and have a bad first experience here on the site :)
Best wishes,


Then I promptly received this reply and one thing I will say is that they are very good at getting back to you when you have a question....

From Lxxxxxxxxx To spankyluvsvintage2 Sent Oct 15, 2011 12:17pm UTC Subject RE: Hi Vxxxxx! 
Message Rhonda,

Thanks for letting me know about this. We'll take care of this right away.


Okay so it is now 2014 and I am just wondering how soon is "right away" in Zibbet speak? The sellers' shop is still listed among the active shops.  The sellers' items are still listed among the "active" listings.  I know mistakes can be made.  I also know that so many people are tired of being told "We'll take care of this" 
or "We'll fix that in the rebuild".  Etc. Etc.
Isn't it time for them to start doing more instead of just saying that they are going to do it?

And just to be sure there wasn't some kind of excuse as to why the shop is still there.... like maybe a family member is still active or something.....   I went ahead and did a "test" buy and this is what happened......
It took me to the Pay Pal link...... and it said this

Return to merchant and try a different payment method

Error Message

We're sorry, but we can't send your payment right now

Return to merchant

So I did the return to merchant (the seller's website address link) and I got this

Page not found (404)

Page not found

I knew the payment hadn't went through but is now showing up on my page in the purchased items

and then I got the sellers' automated message from Zibbet....

Thank you very, very much for your order!

I try to ship within a day or two of receiving your order, so unless I'm off visiting a friend you should receive your order in just a few days.

While you are waiting, let me suggest a visit to my website so you can download your free copies of xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. Once there you'll see that I'm hooked on making Hypertufa Garden Art and that I work hard at spreading the story about how much fun it is to make your own garden art.

Thank you again for your order! I hope you will be delighted with your purchase.

The details of your order are below:

Okay so if this had happened to a first time buyer at Zibbet....and a new buyer..... they would probably be thinking that their payment had somehow gone through because they received that message from the "seller"......
(but in fact the payment never went through because the sellers' Pay Pal account is no longer active.)
And if the payment had gone through.... the buyer would eventually end up having to do a Pay Pal dispute and would not have received an answer from the deceased seller.

To me it is just another one of those "you just couldn't make this stuff up even if you tried."  And I almost found it unbelievable to see that this seller still had an active shop @ Zibbet.  But knowing all of the other stuff.... it just is kind of part of what many have come to expect over there.  Lot's of talk and no action...

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  1. This is disrespectful of the deceased seller. And just another example of why Zibbet does not work. If I knew the owners had full time jobs elsewhere and only worked Zibbet part time, after dinner and story time for the kiddos, I never would have invested in it. I want my money back.

  2. I totally agree Robin....
    A friend of mine who has a free shop there... just let me know that Free Zibbet shop listings do expire after 6 months.
    Makes sense that they would not want non-existent free shops hanging around taking up site space.
    Those who bought Premium life times.....(like me) and as well as the yearly Premium buyers----
    do not have expired listings...
    unless they at Zibbet decide to change it one of these days.