Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Some of The Zibbet Forum Grand Poohbahs might do well to go back to screen shot school

So yes.... it has been validated now over and over that some of those Zibbet forum bunnies certainly have not learned as of yet that all of those private IM chats where they pop up out of "nowhere" to tell people all sorts of weird and unwelcoming things.....they are having screen shots of those posts being shared in many other places.  Kind of a true colors kind of thang.  Yes you would have to see it to believe it as some of these people seem to operate very strangely when they think they are somehow doing it "undercover".
I'd almost be willing to bet that some of these forum bunnies couldn't pull a rabbit out of their arse even if they had a whole herd of bunnies hibernating in it. But man that snake juice and snark seems to easily ebb and flow against the tides.
And now that it has clearly been documented and shared in many places....that the site owners are well aware of the things certain people have been these terrible stalking, bullying type of pop up chats.....  
And no amount of denial is going to help... as a matter of fact the one thing some people might have learned by now is to admit their mistakes and face them head on.... especially when there is documented proof out there.
Well..word on the street----some are saying they will do the right thing.
others are saying that they will just try to bury this under the crap pile that seems to keep growing....
and others are saying that the Zibbet owners actually support these people who are acting this way and encourage them to keep up the good work.
Can Zibbet ever get it's groove back?  One would tend to think that this certainly is not going to happen when members have been removed from the Community for much less serious offenses than the ones that were recently brought to light.
A friend of mine made a very good correlation that cockroaches are not fond of being in the light..... but hey....
when they pop up and make those kind of crazy threats to anyone who they feel is not bowing down to the grand poohbah's demands.
Gheezzzz..... what did they really think was gonna happen?
Oh no one was gonna talk about what they did because they claimed to have secret moles who are going to expose some sort of under cover activity.???
I don't know much about moles.... but I would think that some moles have bigger teeth than others..but in case such as this.... I would think that some imaginary moles don't have a leg to stand on...and in this case I would think that some people would be much more productive trying to pull a friendly rabbit out of their arse instead of an imaginary mole out of their grand poohbah hat.
just sayin' 

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