Sunday, February 9, 2014

Today's latest News about Zibbet is once again..not so good

Well the latest news just keeps getting worse.  I mean you seriously could not make this kind of stuff up even if you tried.  
As many suspected for quite some time....
well folks..... the cat is out of the bag
or should we say... the cult is out of the bag
Andrew is said to be a member in that secret little group over there and yep.... he actually encourages his groupies to cause trouble and distraction when something is not to his liking.
And we actually wondered why he was not doing anything about the terrible behavior some of them are exhibiting behind closed doors?  Well could be that he is the one telling them to do it.
Imagine that?
Well not so hard to believe and kind of explains a lot of those weird things that seemed so out of place .
And today it seems that Jonathan has gone into the forums and publicly stated that a member got the boot because they were a sock puppet.  Yah... that unprofessional behavior once again talking about members in the open forum....and many people find this hard to believe that one in his position would stoop to this level.
It seems so incredibly childish and petty and not at all what I had come to expect from the venue.
Well here's the realization that many are seeing the light on...
expect nothing
.....because yes....
it has and looks like it will just keep getting worse.
Oh and by the way.... that so called "sock puppet" has reached out to a fellow Zibbeter and stated for a fact that they aren't a sock. (Gee.. They aren't even a talking tomato. ) They are someone who had considered opening up a shop there..... but since he went there and asked some hard questions.....
looks like "locked and loaded" got the boot quicker than you can say "handmaiden".
I guess the CEO's decided that he wasn't really a good fit for the venue.  Well if the sock fits wear it but don't lie about it. 

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