Thursday, February 6, 2014

More thoughts on the Zibbet Community

You know that old saying "Screw me once shame on me...screw me twice shame on you." ? Well dearest Zibbet Community I guess you can consider me screwed LOL!  And as I am writing this I can say with all honesty that there are still so many wonderful people on that venue and it saddens me to speak out against a site where people I still consider my friends are trying to successfully sell their wares. And I want to thank the people who have thanked me for speaking up.....too many people there are walking on eggshells and they definitely are not tip -toeing through the tulips.  They are waiting....watching....watching...waiting.

 Looking back on the deal.... the one big thing that 1st attracted me to the Zibbet venue is they have no listing or final value fees.  One with a lot of items will find this feature very enticing and would jump on the band wagon to get one of those Premium deals.  But if you stop and think about it---- a venue that does not profit from sellers making sales would seemingly not care as much about sales.
If what they profit from is people buying a premium account....that explains why this seems to be their main focus.  And they have made promises that they haven't been able to keep and are finally admitting that.  Well....telling the truth is the first step in the right direction now isn't it?

When I say the word community I would have to think  that it does in no way shape or form correlate to the environment that is the Zibbet so called "community "these days.  Funny little side note is that one of the Cheerleaders who has caused a majority of the problems there is now making statements that a small group of about 5 people are saying false things about Zibbet and Zibbet bashing and then at the same time she also is making statements practically begging people to pay attention to her and to post on her team.  She just can't see that she is the small of it all....some of them have just grown some mighty big britches and can't seem to see isn't even like the blind leading the blind because the blind know how to develop their other senses to compensate for not being able to see....and this very small group of people clearly have no senses at all.
I liken the current Zibbet community "feel" as imagine a gal on her period being thrown into a tank of blood sucking piranhas.... oh but these are no ordinary blood sucking piranhas.....these are narcissistic self sense of entitlement bully piranhas.....the kind that stalk people, taunt people and show their fangs behind closed doors and occasionally but not intentionally show their true colors out in the open. They pride themselves on telling others what to say and how to act.... and they pat themselves on the back and tell themselves how great they are.  Thrown into the middle of this toxic mix in Zibbetcommunity-ville is the grandest of all grand poo bahs.... sitting on his throne and they idolize and worship and make excuse after excuse when their leader makes mistakes. Anyone who dares ask anything or question the wrong question is then open game for the open and hidden attacks that are occurring more and more and quite simply....when the pot gets smaller....the piranhas soon start nibbling on each other.  We are already seeing this happen.  And even worse....when proof of the very terrible behavior that some of these so called "cheerleaders" have they get banned from the community?  Oh Lordy no......the Head grand Poo Bah in fact tosses them a Twinkie and pats them on their little faithful heads and allows the nastiness to grow and grow.  The more they get away with the worse their actions become.  
And is it any wonder that out of a Community of what?  6,500 people.... there are about 20-25 of them chatting away amongst their group and chastising anyone who dares to get their little piranha panties in a bunch.
Well here's the bad news on that one .....the last time I looked piranhas are not at the top of the food chain.  Things like hungry sharks have been known to devour a whole herd of schooling piranhas in the blink of an eye.  And some one once said that everything tastes better with BBQ sauce or something like that wink wink.

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