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Is Zibbet getting another site tech to speedy up the relaunch? If so such great news!

Okay... great to see that Jonathan P @ Zibbet did the introduction to the site rebuild and relaunch as it really seemed to ease a lot of questions and fears of those who are saying when when when what year when??????????????
Jonathan said in a new thread the other day..................


At the end of last year Zibbet grew significantly and the additional revenue allowed us to bring Pavel on fulltime and an additional fulltime senior engineer (John). We are now full steam ahead and we're currently estimating a launch anywhere between April and June. This is still an estimate and there are no guarantees. We will be able to provide you with progress updates as we go to see how we're tracking towards this timeline.


On the left is Pavel. As mentioned he first joined the team part-time and is now fulltime! He's a senior Ruby on Rails engineer and specializes in the 'back-end' work. Essentially the stuff that you don't see, but that makes it all work.

In between Andrew and I is John. John is also a senior Ruby on Rails engineer and specializes in the 'front-end' work. This is the visual interactions that you see on a website.

Both of these guys are extremely talented and we're so lucky to have them on the Zibbet team!!

We also enlisted the help of Katie to work on the overall design direction. This is things like color palette, font, button styling etc etc. Here's a photo of her with John (pictured right). They don't always dress the same, but when they do, it's pretty funny!!

We're a small team, but small has a lot of benefits. Small teams can move super fast. In large teams they have to jump through so many hoops just to get started on a feature. We just get it done.

Although the rebuild feels like it's taking forever, we're actually producing a huge amount of work and once the rebuild is complete we'll be releasing new features and improvements frequently.

Okay.... notice that Jonathan clearly stated quote "at the end of last year"---
so obviously according to Jonathan....these guys were already on the team well before this ad was run that advertises paying the lucky recipient a nice salary of $80,000 to 100,000 a year by the way.... so nice to see that Zibbet really is not falling but instead actively looking to bring more employees into the team that some have seemed to notice these people mentioned^^^ are kind of already involved in some other business ventures that the Z boys are involved in
here is the ad posted on Jan 17....

17 Jan2014

Job Description

We are looking for a full-time Ruby on Rails Engineer that has experience in migrating large amounts of data, to join our Sydney-based team (Surry Hills = good coffee, food and a “cool” office) OR work remote from anywhere in Australia. We have an all-star team that have worked for some of the most respected companies in tech (Reinteractive, Pollenizer etc). 
We’re building Zibbet, an online marketplace for independent creatives. We have over 10,000 active sellers on the site, which attracts over 250,000 unique visitors every month! 
We’re currently rebuilding the entire site from the ground up in RoR. Development is well underway and we’re pushing for an April release.
You must have a very good knowledge of the RoR framework (we use Rails 4.0). The first couple of months in this role requires you to migrate a large amount of data (via Rake task) from an isolated MySQL database (PHP app) and huge amount of images on S3 instance to the new Data Model and Structure in Rails 4.0 application and PostgreSQL database and new S3 instance. The migration will need to be a “one click process” and should be highly optimised in terms of performance and handling/logging possible data errors whilst in progress. Application downtime should be as minimal as possible.
Post-migration you will work directly on the product, shipping frequently to 1,000′s of users. 
  • Ruby on Rails (we use Rails 4.0)
  • Postgres
  • Github
  • Heroku
  • Ruby 2.1
  • Circle CI
  • Rspec
  • Kanban and Blossom as a project management philosophy
  • Flowdock as a communication tool
  • You get to work on a product that is used by over 250,000 people every month.
  • You get to work alongside a smart and experienced team. We’re lean so everything you do will have a huge impact.
  • We understand that the best talent is not necessarily based in Sydney. We’re open to remote working. One of our engineers is based in Queensland.
  • Post-rebuild launch we’re making every Friday a training/learning day. This will be a day where you can contribute to open source, refine your skills at or similar (paid subscriptions provided) or hack away on a side project that benefits our customers. We’re always striving to be better and having a dedicated day to do that is extremely important to us.    

How to Apply

Please email jonathan @ zibbet . com along with your GitHub profile.
Job Categories: Engineering. Job Types: Full-Time. Salary: 80,000 - 100,000. Job expires in 2 days.
nothing but good news right?...that the Zibbet team is actually growing and after already having 3 employees in the site tech site development field.... they are advertising after the pic shown in a Zibbet newsletter of the team already on board at other words.. (before they placed  the ad) ---they then also had the funds to add one more to the zibbet team...
let us not worry ourselves about when and what year this rebuild is going to happen?
Looks like they are putting some money where their mouth is?
Well....we will see that when it happens...
but nice to know that it looks like they are moving forward on this elusive rebuild.

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