Sunday, May 12, 2013

A Mothers' Day Shout out to the Thread killers Hollah!

Hey...even thread killers deserve an honorable mention a.k.a Happy Mothers' day right? LOL!
Mamaw used to tell me to be careful about only singing to the choir....because at the end of the just might find yourself talking to very very few people.
And dang just fer one example----what about those team leaders who start threads and out of thousands of is as quiet as a mouse in da quote one of my grandababies' most favorite quotes these days....
but seriously.....
even thread killers and the narcissists who keep talking about themselves when they think they are actually talking about others.....(yep that's just what narcissists do when no one else will join in on their conversation)
at the end of the day.......
they might be Moms as well
and here is a basket of flowers perhaps.... one of my own created images....but I would be a happy camper if you decide to share it on the net LOL! Happy Moms' day---- to even the thread killers out there

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