Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The fact is she sure does lie a lot....

 Old wrinkled up Rosie
she has a big nosy
and tries to get all
up in your business.
She lies and denies
and back peddles and sighs
(hard to do on a broom
but she old and
experienced at her game)
vageena she just
keeps getting meaner
and her room is now
filled with crickets
her thickets got bunched
when her panties got crunched
as she zoomed all around on
her broom
she likes stirring the pot
(lukewarm never hot)
and now silence
is her biggest friend in the room.

So Vageena in her own little twisted world said this....

But the fact is I have never said a nasty word about you.
wow.......just wow is all that I can say
because the fact is that everything I have ever said about you is in response to something you have said about me. And yes as I have said before....we all have screen shot capabilities.
I normally do a pretty good job of keeping you on ignore old gal....(because I know that gets your goat more than anything.....)
you don't like hearing crickets.....and with someone like you I have kind of figured out that you like any type of attention that you can get....be it negative or not.   You can't stand the fact that I often ignore you.....
but I still haven't figured out why you are so gosh darn jealous of little ole me.  We have nothing in common...we live on different coasts and we obviously have very very different mind sets and values.

Here is one example of your big fat lie above.......
Do you seriously not remember that big rant you made about me on your Z page???????? Come on old gal.....you know....the one where you named me....my real name and my business name???????  Come on Vageeeeeeeeeeeeeeennnnnnnnnnnnnnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.......you sure do have a nice selective memory when it comes to the things you have said and done now don't you ?
said my piece and now
you are back on my ignore list again
wouldn't wanna be ya

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