Monday, May 20, 2013

Beating around the bush

So I took some pics yesterday in the area of my leetle garden that I call "Bush-ville".... I really enjoy the ornamental grasses at this time of year

I have planted so many seeds over the years that sometimes I honestly don't know what the heck is sprouting up.....I'll be all Oh there's something new...but I guess it's kind of like Christmas and Birthdays.....oh here's a nice surprise hee-hee
A few years ago this "fern like" plant started sprouting up and it looked kind of like some sort of spreading vine...the next year it had a bit of a thicker stalk on it so I replanted it on the other side of the yard.......and here it is now

This is the first year that it has started to bloom.  The flowers are these pink whispy bottle brush looking things...and I guess I could google it to find out what I planted several years ago.....but this one is definitely one of my favorite surprises of "Things I didn't know I planted"

water on good peeps....and Happy Monday :)

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