Monday, May 13, 2013

For my "family" and life long friends @ Poor Boys Barbeque

Today....I was still busy getting my kitchen back in order....but my friend Bob and his Daughter Teresa....have asked me to make a few more things for their new business venture.....and I still think that at this point in my life I could still call Bob at 3 in the morning and ask him to come and get me----sometimes as we get older....we lose our "connections"...and even the past few years I have told my friend the "turn his frown upside down" and to stop being the "grumpy bumpy" in the road............
I do that...and say that because we have known each other all of these years......
and I know that he would never ever turn his back on me no matter what-----
and I miss him at my day job these days but am happy that he spread his wings.......

and here are a few of the things I made for them between all of the rest of my mixed up stuff....LOL! hee-heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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