Saturday, May 25, 2013

Paths and Timing

Hubby was a bit late getting home last eve....and I didn't mind a bit because he was helping a family member put up a temporary "barricade".....

right after this happened...
*(I took the pic of the "temporary wall" on the way home from work this eve .)
They say that a lot of things in life have to do with timing and certain paths that you cross and meet up with others on.....
I am certainly glad I wasn't in the path of this vehicle yesterday eve :)
Luckily everyone who happened to be in that area at the time ended up being okay.....2 family members were inside of the building but luckily they had closed about 30 minutes before the vehicle drove through the wall.  The spot where the vehicle went through the building is where she seats her timing indeed played a good part in this one.  Evidently someone ran a red light and rear ended another vehicle but from what I have heard so far...the people in the vehicles were not seriously injured.
You just never know what is gonna is so weird you can also never know what to expect....but I guess we just all need to be a bit more thankful for every good day that we have :)

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