Thursday, May 2, 2013

Yeahhhh the new kitchen tile is finished whoo hoo

So the kitchen tile is finished and I have to say that I really love it.  It is really low maintenance and the less time I have to spend cleaning these days....means more time for other me stuff :)
During the fishing derby my hubby stopped shaving and he said he wasn't going to shave again until the kitchen floor was done...I had started calling him  "Man Mountain Mike" and now he has shaved his grizzly Adamness again :)
Here is a pic of the tiles and the best part to me is that we did it ourselves :)
Here is a pic of my little "wire lady" that I think I have had for just about forever and a day :) I gave her a "new old necklace" and added a different vintage flower brooch to her attire....
And here are a couple of pics of this old craft table I had out is a pub height table and I think it had about 54 different colors of spray paint on the top of it as I have often used it to sit things on and spray paint out side....but for some reason I got this bug up my rear to bring it back inside the house and use it again....
so I covered the table top with some old vintage fruit fabric....painted the legs and sides.....then tossed a few of my vintage ads on top of the fabric and placed a piece of glass on top of it all.  Because of the glare on the glass I don't think the pics turned out all that well...but just wanted to share the idea in case anyone else out there has an old piece of furniture with a damaged or marred top.....yes you can cover it in one of your favorite fabrics....and then purchase a piece of glass to place on top of it.  Since I work in a furniture store....I normally have access to nab spare glass tops at random LOL!  but this table was a bit of an odd size for the glass I had on hand and our local mom and pop hardware store "Floyd's"....actually only charged $39.99 for this glass topper which is actually thicker than a lot of the beveled ones available in my furniture catalogs.  I was actually quite impressed with the price of the glass :)

Man I can't believe that it is almost Friday already and that it is May already :).....
hope ya'll are having a great month so far :)

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  1. Yes, the satisfaction we get from 'DIYing' home projects. :D Anyway, this is the same type as the tiles most homeowners prefer. And they can testify how low maintenance these truly are. The perks of having earth-toned flooring. And you will notice in the years to come, the tiles will seem to radiate more when matched with distressed furniture. Robbie@TNT