Saturday, May 18, 2013

My Leeeeeeetle Garden

I love this time of year when things in my little garden are starting to thrive.....
I had posted earlier about my "brown town" on one side of the yard where the winter had managed to turn most of it in Cali it is normally pretty easy to keep most things blooming green year round :)
I took a few pics this eve of the progress so far....since I planted all of those seeds awhile back...I still have a few more packets that I haven't sprinkled....maybe I'll get around to that tomorrow hee-hee.
 Here are the pots full of those seeds that I purchased from China.....they are starting to sprout..
 I'm not sure what it is about this one bunch of Hollyhocks.....they always bloom before the rest of the this point my other ones are still maybe 12" tall......and this bunch always lasts longer than the others....sometimes I'll still have a few blooms in November....maybe there's some "smart water" or something in this part of the yard :)........

 Hope ya'll had a nice Saturday!

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