Sunday, May 19, 2013

Gone Junkin' and Nugget on the Sea Saw

So this morning my sweet c-sta in law calls hubby and tells him about a yard sale where a guy is selling a bunch of old stuff that she thinks I would like.....and we headed there and I was wishing I had been there yesterday..the first day of the sale because we were basically seeing what was left-over ...but yep I still managed to snag a few more things to add to my "hoard" there was this dresser that is pretty beaten up and yet I knew I could do something with it to refurbish it (rather than having him haul it off to the dump when his sale was over).....
he tells me....
"If you buy the dresser I'll throw in the dog teeter totter that is in that box on top of it"....
and I said "Teeter totter?...What the hell does a dog do on a dad gum teeter totter?"
and he says "I don't know....I guess that's why I have had it in the box for over a year and didn't know what it was!"
So I get the desk/vanity/dresser......
  and I'll put some pics up of the after when I get around to the after hee-hee
but the "teeter totter" is evidently this dog sea-saw to train your dog for competitions at dog shows or something..and I figured what the heck? Our dogs might have some fun with it.
So we get home and hubby puts the sea-saw together....and it turns out that "Nugget" the one I call our "mentally challenged" dog ever since his operation for disc dysplasia when they worked on his spine.....(he just seems to not quite have his elevator going to the top floor some moments....and I joke about it all the time)....anyhoo.....he is our only dog that just hopped right up on that thing and went to town like he was trying out for the Circus or something...turns out that even tho he be little he be mighty brave or perhaps just not so smart hee-hee....
then after his "work-out".....he got up on the porch and took a little break
I am so glad that we chose to have him operated on instead of putting him to sleep when we were told that he might never walk again.....he really has given us so many smiles :)
here is a pic I took of of Nuggets' Momma "Candy" today......she always gets on her hind legs and waves her paws in the air doing her "Cha-Cha-Cha" dance.....maybe this is where Nugget inherited his "talents" from?
hubby and I were pulling up some of the overgrown grass and I replanted a bunch of "momma Jo's" bulbs that were underneath a bunch of spreading "morning glories"......
man I love how pretty morning glories are when their blooms are open.....but those buggars will take over the whole garden and choke everything else out if you don't stay on top of them :)
Hope ya'll have had a Super Sunday!


  1. LOL sista he asked me if I wanted the tee toter too How cute Nugget loves it made for him. Should had called Mike yesterday but didn't think about it, Dang. Ron wouldn't stop either just wanted to get on the freeway. But I hope you got some goodies left over It looks like Nugget made out LOL

  2. yah.....and the laughs we got from Nugget on this contraption are priceless :) <3....thanks again for the tip C-sta <3