Thursday, May 9, 2013

This Little Light Of Mine

The other day I remembered those words I used to sing when I was a kid.  It started when hubby was showing a dove nest on our back patio to my son.
We now have two dove families living in flower pots on the front porch and there has been a dove family who sporadically visits our back patio every once in awhile.  A couple of years ago one of the babies fell out of the nest and hubby then got up there on his ladder and placed a piece of plywood on the rafter where they build their nest.  I've never gotten a picture of them because of key phrase "ladder" have to get up on a ladder to be able to zoom in on them and me and ladders are sort of like oil and water. hee-hee.
So anyways.....hubby tells me the other day that he thinks maybe Bill (our biggest wiener dog) had spooked the doves in the back nest because he hadn't seen them in a couple of days.  And then the next day we go out back and he shows my son and I how he had "helped" out the two lonely eggs in the nest.  
He had climbed up a ladder and placed one of those stick up "insta bulbs" next to the nest.  And Kev was all "Gee do you think the doves got tired of the light shining in their eyes and maybe that's why they left?" And I was all "Yah maybe they didn't like the Tom Bodet We'll leave the light on Motel 6 stop interrogating me with that light already puh-leeze! kinda-thang."
And hubby is saying no that he put the light up there after the doves left so that the eggs would stay warm until momma decided to come back.  And I ask him what he is going to do if the eggs hatch and he says something like he will find some worms and break them up and feed the babies.
I call hubby my Oildale Dr. Doolittle.  He is always going the extra mile to help out a critter in need. And it's just one of the things about him that I luv so much :)
So it was then that I got those words to that song stuck in my head......
"This little light of mine....I'm gonna let it shine......"
Some days I definitely shine brighter than others....but as long as we keep in mind that we can always re-charge our shine.....the light will always be there. :)
Hope ya'll are having a great week so far. :)

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