Saturday, May 25, 2013

Shout out to my girlfriend the Beauty Pirate and thanks for another awesome video :)

 Julie Ann...a.k.a.---The Beauty Pirate........
Spanky can't thank ye enough for your latest video.....
I didn't expect it when I sent ya that "package"....and the fact that you took the time
to do such an awesome review about me :)
no wonder we luv ya so much girl friend !
And you really touched my heart with this one :)
Round here we believe that we should keep on rockin' those random acts of kindness
whenever we can.....
and Julie Ann.....I can't thank you enough  for always being such a fan of mine even though we have never met face to face :)


  1. Very cool! Hi YOU!!! Long time no speak! ♥

  2. awe thanks Barb! I've been doing some pinnin' and a bit of postin' and lurkin' LOL! And by the way...if I ever get out to your area...I want to come sit on your new porch purty pleeeeze <3