Saturday, May 4, 2013

repurposed ladder bookshelf vintage cook books and catfood ponderings

So I had this old ladder sitting on top of one of my metal sheds out back for about ten plus years....
The other day I had hubby cut a few little shelves and screwed them to one side of the ladder...then added some paint and some new and old cookbooks....
are now on display.....
I love old cookbooks.....I really like seeing all of the "penciled in" additions and notations that cooks from the past have added to them....and I like imagining how many dysfunctional family gatherings have occurred whilst others were partaking in this or that recipe :)
When I look at old cook books I often think of my GrandPa "Whitey"....he was a fabulous cook and our holiday meals were most often at his home and we always used to go and have "Sunday Supper" with him and Grandma Ethel.  Whitey always made you feel as if you were in a 5 star hotel.....he was constantly pampering and waiting on you and basically forcing you to eat or drink more and more and more and I used to tell him to sit down and relax.   It wasn't until many years later that I realized how rewarding it is to see your family gathered around your table and seeing them laugh and joke and enjoy what you have prepared for them.
Sometimes when I look at old cookbooks I think of the time when my son was in his early teens and was going through a "Grilled Cheese" phase.  It was pretty much all he was happy to eat at that time....and he would often complain about what was for dinner because he just wanted a dadgum grilled cheese sandwich.  He had this friend who was constantly over for dinner and I didn't know if the poor kid was starving or if he really thought I was a good cook....but he always ate his food and also whatever Kevin wouldn't eat.  So one evening I had made some country pork ribs in the crock pot....and Kev is all "YUK! This tastes like CAT FOOD!"  and his friend is just gobbling it up and telling me YUM YUM how good it is...LOL!  So I tell Kev...."Okay wise guy....since when do you know what cat food tastes like????" And Kev tells me......"Since I tasted this food".    So he gets his grilled cheese and is a happy camper....and I think that was the last time I used that crock pot recipe....LOL!
Lately I've been getting my old cookbooks and scribbling things in pencil like "Winner winner chicken dinner!"  and "Whoo hooo!  Doesn't taste like cat food!"  Just because I think that years from now someone out there might get ahold of one of my old cook books--- read it and get a giggle or two :)
Hope ya'll are having a great weekend !

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