Monday, May 20, 2013

Regarding a lack of leadership......

      I would assume that when one makes general statements regarding their team and acting like the team is involved in the "pool"....perhaps they might first want to let the team members in on it.  Some members might be shocked to find that one of their leaders is using a team forum to promote her drama when it has nothing to do with the topic at hand.  They might also be shocked to find out that she is saying they are "in on it"...( the team pool that is).  And one might also be surprised to find that upon contacting a few of those team members...that none of them read her threads much more get involved in her "so-called" pools.
       One might also think that leadership is about guidance and direction and to certainly exhibits an extreme lack of leadership when one continues to keep stirring up drama and creating more drama when the topic is not even close to being about them.  I still say that I will always believe that sharing a Facebook photo that someone else has already shared is in no way shape or form even close to the topic of artists' creations being stolen on-line. And the fact that someone just keeps beating that dead horse and wants to keep stirring up more drama is not only pathetic but also in my opinion casts a bit of shade on the entire team...even though they are not involved in her shenanigans. 
       Around here we would simply have to say something like this.......
    "Hey girl....would you like a little bacon to go with that egg on your face?????????????????????"
#lack of leadership #egg on your face 

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