Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My Wishy Washy Stalker

I called you a stalker
and you said "Nope
I'm Just a Blog Monitor"
and I thought
"gee who died and made
you the Blog monitoring
and those here know that you
have been doing this obsessive
monitoring/stalking long before
I ever shared your real image.
And the stats will prove that fact :)
Imagine that......
you're lying again.....
some might call it a
wishy washy narcissist 'splanation
Like the time you contacted that site
and you told them you had concerns
that someone had gamed the vote.
Why?  You were just a sore loser
and you didn't think it was fair
that you lost the contest.
Then you went on your page and
told everyone that the site had
contacted you about their concerns
that someone had gamed the vote.
And no one changed your words.
It was just a big fat lie.
Plain and simple as that.
And I figure that anyone who would
lie about something so petty and
ridiculous would probably lie
about most things.
And the screen shots will show
that I have only replied to things
you said about me first.
Try as you might......
you can't turn back
the Vageeeena world clock
on that one.
Maybe you should go back
to blog monitoring school.
Maybe someone there could
teach you that the less time
you spend here stalking me......
the more time you would have
to do more positive things.

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