Wednesday, May 29, 2013

My Pea in the Pod

Split Pea Soup at one of the Andersens' chains this weekend......I ordered it...and hubby took a taste and  had to actually admit that he really liked  it because he kept dipping his bread in that green goodness LOL ( and even though he thought he hated it when he was a kid he suddenly realized...that--even---peas need love too )---...hee-hee.  I think I am kind of weird....because I have loved veggies for a very long time..I can almost remember a time tho when I was very little that I hid some cooked carrots in a planter by the kitchen table because I was always told that they helped your "eyesight" and I guess I thought that my eyesight was good enough as it was :)...yep I do kind of remember burying those uneaten carrots in the dirt....but dang....I think I might actually be able to become a vegetarian someday---maybe....but I guess I just love me some bacon waaaaaaaay toooooooo!  Here is hubby in the "split pea" sign...dang we sure had us a ton of fun last weekend :)


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