Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My "Mexico" Hutch

So after the paint job.....hubby has been calling my hutch the "Mexico hutch"....yah it's pretty colorful :)
About 13 years ago at the furniture store....the hutch was upstairs for sale and I heard this big bang that sounded like an earthquake.   Well...the boys were unloading some bunk beds and had leaned about ten of them on the back of this hutch and suddenly it tipped over and broke all of the glass in it.  I was really glad that no one was in the path of the hutch when it tipped over.   It was a close-out item from a company that had went out of business so easily replacing the glass was not an option.  Needless to say....I took the hutch home.  Through out the years I have used it for a variety of things.....
Here is what it first looked like when I used it for a plant stand.....
Now I am using it for over flow pots and pans on the bottom and to store some of my craft supplies on the top.  I have Kevs' room for my crafts but often find myself in the kitchen making things :)
I kind of like the way it looks now...chicken wire and all :)

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