Sunday, May 5, 2013

Kisses Cookies and red chalk paint refrigerators....

So several years ago...I committed what my hubby considered to be somewhat of a crime. I decoupaged vintage food labels onto our fairly new fridge.  Why? some might ask?
Yep that's right...because I wanted to LOL!   Now those of you out there who are into your stainless steel shine kind of things....will definitely not be amused with this project of mine.   
Anywhooooo....with the kitchen redo....I also decided to give the fridge a bit of a makeover and I added some home made red chalk paint and a few more vintage labels.....
 I also purchased a sign from an on-line shop that I added to the side of the fridge.....
I think it is pretty decent :)
I said I wanted to incorporate some red into my kitchen and this is lookin' pretty dawg gone red isn't it?  LOL!
Hope ya'll had a great cinco day 5 o....... :)

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