Sunday, May 26, 2013

About some nutzzzz

You said...
Say do you want some of my magical
tasting smoked nuts?
They are tasty wonderful salted
and very fulfilling

I said
Nope don't want any of them thar things
don't need any more nuts in my life
no matter
how flavorful
or smokey
or salty
they are
I don't need any more
nuts in my life
please please please
stop asking me to
add to
the nuts in my life

and then you ate the rest
of the bag and acted
like you didn't hear me
so much for them
magical nuts
they affected your hearing
and then you just gobbled
them up...
oh well
now you don't have
those nuts in your life either
and yet....
you are the one belching
not me

Spanky Luvs Had A Dream 2013

#about some nuts #eat some nut s#nuts #belching nuts #just say no to nuts

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