Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Weekend Santa Maria and Solvang

Hubby and I  kind of made last minute plans to head to Santa Maria for the Memorial Day Races.  I was surprised we easily found a vacancy for Sunday night and also that the trip over and back had very little traffic.  Man it was really one of the best weekends I have had in awhile.  For starters...my bro and my Nephew were racing.....and brother ends up winning the inaugural main event at that track in his Sports Mod class.  He drove a heck of a race and I was so dad gum proud of him....I was freakin' crying and hooping and hollering when they threw that checkered flag (I thought of my Momma right then and how proud she would have been...I hope I did her proud and was loud enough hollering heh-heh)...Happy Happy Joy Joy  times ten thousand for me at that moment I think :)  Here's a pic from way far away up in the stands....but brother...yep...he was smiling pretty big surrounded by those Coors lite vixens hee-hee
My Nephew Larry ...he had to run the B main....and transferred to the A main....and I think he ended up 14th...but said he had a lot of fun....and man...he was 3 deep a few times mixing it up out there.....I seriously was more nervous watching him at the back of the pack than I am when I watch him running up front....there was some serious wheel to wheel action going on out there. Here is the bracelet I made to wear before we left.... I usually make some kind of "racing" piece to wear when we go out of town to a race. This one I added the "TDM" ...which is kind of a thing I started with Larry awhile back....I tell him TDM
and he knows that it is a little "phrase" I made up and it means "Throttle Down Mo-fo"....
So brother wins the race.....and I tell hubby "Dang I am so happy we decided to come and got to see this race!"  We stop by the pits after the races and hubby says that one of our friends asked him if we were going to play the "one armed bandits"...and it was 12:30 a.m at this point but I told hubby "Why not?"  let's go and play a bit.   We go to the Indian Casino and leave @ 4:30 in the morning and were both considerably ahead. And I was just like "Whoo-----hoooooo icing on the cake baby.....we end up winning the $ and seeing brother win the race!"  And I was all doing the happy dance leaving the casino but kind of stumbling as well because I was a bit rum dum at this point hee-hee.
We wake up the next morning and head to Solvang.....and the only bummer of my trip was to see that the restaurant we ate at with Kev Sarah and tiny baby Chloe the last time we were here has now closed...
And not surprised to see that several of the retail spaces now have "Wine bars" in them....I mean this is definitely an "Eat drink and be merry" kind of little town. I just love the atmosphere around here :)
 Check out these dudes rolling with their top down :).......
And the shops....I could simply get lost in them.........

Good times and a great weekend....who could ask for more?

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